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Taking the Hassle Out of Your Wedding Day

Two of the most common complaints I hear from brides are “How can I get everything done?” and “I’m so stressed!” While a certain level of stress is to be expected, there are a number of ways to reduce some of the anxiety associated with your big day.


It is so easy to get distracted while attempting to do a task. For instance, you set out to contact a couple of DJs, but in the process, you ended up looking at bouquets on Pinterest. To avoid this common pitfall, make an effort to do nothing but say, contact DJs in your area. Completely shut out and ignore any alerts from emails and Facebook statuses until the job is done. Multitasking can actually prolong your time, since you are trying to do several different things at one time. I have found it helpful to set a timer for 15 minutes and devote that time to tasks like answering emails and another 15 minutes to returning calls.

2. Plan

While this may seem elementary, writing everything down in a notebook will ensure that you are not forgetting something and will give structure to your ideas. Taking it a step further and actually putting a date beside the activity in a planner, will keep you from procrastinating. Also, it helps to have sticky notes available in places like your car so that you can jot down notes when your notebook isn’t handy.

3. Just Do It

Speaking of procrastination, once you have decided on a time and date to accomplish something, follow through with the task. If it is a task that you have been dreading, do that activity first, and save the thing you enjoy doing for last.

4. Delegate

If you have a Type A personality like me, it is extremely difficult to let somebody else take the wheel. However, giving a task to a dependable person, not only makes the other person feel that they are an integral part of the planning process, but it also frees you up to spend your energies elsewhere. This is actually the perfect time to include your future in-laws! To ease your mind, it is okay to give your assistants a deadline and to inquire on their progress.

A once-in-a lifetime event calls for resolute organization. Deciding to focus on each task separately, putting your thoughts on paper, and actually doing each chore and asking others for help will ensure that your day is as unique and enjoyable as you want it to be.

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